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Officer Roles


·         Coordinate with all officers and organization advisor to make sure goals are met

·         Monitor and evaluate existing and prospective programs and initiatives

·         Register organization with SGA

·         Prepare calendar of events at least one month prior to date

·         Primary communication with faculty advisor

·         Hold officer meetings regularly


Vice President: 

·         Work closely with president to contact and bring in speakers

·         Coordinate with building administration to reserve rooms for meetings

·         Bring all necessary materials to all meetings

·         Work with advisor and career services to plan recruiting trip

·         Promote the trip to all members and encourage application

·         Work with president and treasurer to meet SGA deadlines



·         Make sure all information is up to date with bank

·         Collect dues

·         Make deposits

·         Extend necessary payments

·         Keep books

·         Assist president and advisor with SGA budget proposal



·         Keep detailed minutes from each general member meeting

·         Keep detailed minutes at each officer meeting

·         Keep collogue of photos from each event